Your thoughts and beliefs aren’t real

Purpose, meaning, spirituality, religion, motivation, goals, dreams, aspirations. If you really think about it are all fabrications. Man-made, and predominantly in your head, things not of the physical world. I would say that anything your mind can think up isn’t real. Go with me on this.

The past

Let’s talk about the past, the only thing that tells you something has happened in your mind is your memories. Aside from archival footage or imagery. the past is no longer real because it only excists as a story or a memory. And memories aren’t 100% accurate. So in saying that, the past isn’t real.

The future

Now let’s talk about the future. The future hasn’t happened yet. Sure we can make a prediction or change the future. But again any thoughts about the future are just speculation. Let’s say that you knew you were going to pick up a glass, you could predict it will happen soon. But you decide to change that future, and not pick up the glass. Who is to say that wasn’t meant to be. Again all ideas and speculations of the mind. So the future isn’t real until you make it so in the present.


The word ‘meaning’ is defined as intended. Intended is defined as planned. And planning is defined as intention, and around it goes. Meaning to me is just arbitrary, we make its importance so through our own beliefs. Go with me on this, idea. Let’s go with the idea of money. Money is represented as a number or a physical coin or piece of paper. It represents value in trade form. Now does money help the trees grow? Does money feed your hunger? No, the idea of money being traded for food does thou. I can eat an apple and quench my hunger, I can’t eat money and get the same satisfaction. Money is a human construct that represents the meaning of trade.

Goal & dreams

Goals and dreams are states that live entirely in your head. Do I need to say anymore? Goals and dreams are not real, they are aspirations, they are hopeful predictions of the future. They are not real, they are only real when we make them real, through action. I dreamed of becoming a dad and being a dad I would say are completely different things. One is a thought, the other is factual, real.


Religion is a belief system, a system of rules to guide you in life. Religion is the dogma version of philosophy. There are punishments and rituals if you do not obey your chosen religion in the form of social punishment. Don’t prey, or if you go against your religious teaching you might go to hell. Religion is a hard one to argue because of dogma. A set of principles laid down by an authority is incontrovertibly true. Incontrovertible means not being able to be denied or disputed. Meaning not open-minded, stuck in their ways till death. They call it faith, I call it lack of knowledge or openness to information. God or higher power in the sky, universe or even outside this universe that will listen to my wishes or punish me for discrepancies. You have to have the biggest ego if you choose to believe this. That you are so important that your creator of the known universe is listening to you specifically.


Purpose only happens when you give it. It’s a coping mechanism. One that I believe to work. The purpose is self-diagnosed or administrated. Again it’s something in your head that makes it so. The purpose of money is to make trade between parties easier. The purpose of religion is to give your life guidance, the purpose of dreams and aspirations is to steer you into a direction you wish to become. Purpose is the meaning we put onto something. It’s entirely in our heads.


With all this said, everything we believe to be true lives in our heads. The only things that don’t live in our heads are the present, the now, the physical. This moment is real, whatever you are doing is real. It’s the only time you can make a change, or create or transform. Everything else outside of the now, the present is all in your head, it isn’t real. You can affect the past, and you can only predict the future. It’s only at this moment that you can take real action and do something. So my question to you is what are you doing now? Because how you live your days is how you live your life. Do you really want to spend it living in your head, or do you want to live it, in the moment where you have the power to take action?

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