Your average day

Your average day dictates your life. Or to put in in other words Your results are based on your average day. Why does this matter, when the argument about work smarter, not harder is so abundant and work the endless work hacks and outsourcing? The truth is, it’s your average day that dictates who you are and your success. It’s your average day that leads or puts you in a place so you’re ready for that big break or that slow grind to the top.

Results are based on your average day. Think about health, work ethic, work-life balance, family, friends or socials circles. What you spend your months/weeks/days on the matter. It’s the macro that leads to monumental movement. All the little things snowball into your life.

Routines make you who you are, what your default is at work or at home is makes up the average day in your life. Are you happy or content when you get home overall? Do you love your job on an average day? What do you eat on a normal day?

This is the argument about how dieting doesn’t work. Because a diet over a week or a month is a temporary extreme, it’s not a normal or average day in your life. Where a lifestyle change is. Your average day dictates your health, that daily wine glass, that daily chip pack when watching tv. That’s what dictates your health, the same goes for your work, it’s a job, career, study or side hustle. Facking it till you make it isn’t a thing unless your willing to fack it for the rest of your life.

If you don’t like where you are or what you are, stop blaming others and look at what you do on an average day, week or month and take responsibility for your action or at the very least take responsibility for your acceptance or complacency that catalysts your problems.

My average day.
I get up a 6/7 am. I walk to walk (5km) which takes about 45mins. I go to the supermarket and get lunch or breakfast. I work from 8 am-5 am. After work, I run home (5km) which takes about 25 minutes. I do a workout for about another 45 mins. Then I have a shower, and either cook dinner or put my feet up and relax. That’s my average day. My average day doesn’t involve personal work. It doesn’t involve writing or moving my career forward. That only happens maybe 1 a week or a month.

If I had to sum up my life it would be working and working out with a little bit of family time and personal time sprinkled in. That’s my average day my average life. I don’t spend money on myself, just bills, rent and food. I don’t make enough money for the luxury’s in life like eating out or fancy clothes or technology. I just make enough to save a little for retirement and spend the rest on photograph materials.

Imagine how drastically your life would change if you changed just one thing about your average day. Be it leading a new skill, going to the gym or constantly making new content daily. Or a more Nobel courses spending that time with your kids or family. Learning a new language instead of putting your feet up a watching tv or changing that beer or soft drink for water. What would happen?

Its the little things in life that make a big difference. And it’s your average day that makes up the majority of your life. Remember results are based on your average day. Make your average day a good one, because life is to short to waste it.

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