You need to start now


I’ve done many things when it comes to the jobs I’ve tried. I always make a little joke when it comes to putting my work experience into my CV. Because I’ve been a House Painter, Beekeeper, Supermarket cashier, Graffiti artist, Graphic designer, Animator, Website designer, Developer, Milk runner, Waiter and even done a bit of Dairy farming. But the one thing that’s always been in my life and stuck through the career changes has been, art and photography. Photography has always been there, but I never considered it as a possible career. Until five years ago when I made the decision to go down that rabbit hole, and I’m glad I did because I haven’t looked back since.

It took me my whole life to find my passion, I’m 30 years old now. I’ve gone full circle with my love of photography and my style. I’ve learned a lot from all my previous jobs. The main lesson I’ve come away with. The lesson I’ve found to be the most valuable is to not care what other people think of you. Never waver your path because someone you love thinks something else would be better for you.

Everyone has that negative person in their life who says, “no”, “that will be hard”, “you can’t make a living doing that” or “are you sure?” I find all these types of comments to be negative and static. Don’t listen to anyone but yourself, and only take advice from people who are in the career or position you want to be in.


What I want and what I’m striving for is to make a living from my fine art photographs. I would love to be able to sell my photographs. I want to refine my style even more. I want to teach people how to find their own unique style. These are the things I personally want for myself. I would love to make enough money solely off my work. Which would help me focus on teaching photography full time. Right now I work in a studio doing photography. I love it, and love working there, but I want to teach even more. If I could make a living off that, I’d feel accomplished.

So how do we go about achieving our goals. Simple answer, start. Start making, start writing and teaching, start producing work and putting it out there for the world to see. Let the market decide if it’s good enough. Start now, which I’ve already begun and you should too. I write these posts as soon as an idea hits or inspiration strikes. I take photos every day. I order printing gear when I can afford it. I’ve started taking the necessary steps forward. I’ve started moving towards the direction I want to be in, instead of being static from pondering and planning it.

You need to start now to. The thing that everyone wants is the quick, easy road. Sadly there isn’t one. You have to put in the time and work your ass off. And you know what, you and me don’t want it to be easy. The secret is we want it to be a struggle. Because the harder it is, the fewer people will do it. The less people doing it, means only a few make it, only a few get there, make that person you.

Start now.