Why your Instagram isn’t growing

First off it’s not you, it’s Instagram. It comes down to a few very simple things, that can be summed up in three words and two reasons, chronological order and saturation.

There are so many people on Instagram and organic chronological order news feed are a thing of the past. These two things alone mean the beginning of the end for any social media platform. Because that means the social media platform is prioritising advertisement over users. Which is great if you want to reach a wider audience, but it also means you need to spend money to do it. And for small business, freelancers and artists our advertisement budgets aren’t as vast as Samsung or Netflix. A chronological order news feed means your post might no longer reach all of your audience but paid advertisers will.

So what can a single artist do then, everyone is on that platform already its where the majority of the population’s eyes are. This is true, more and more people are on Instagram, which is great for people that are already established. This saturation in users just means if you’re only just starting, you have missed the wave. The boat has already left you behind, and to catch up you’re going to have to pay a little extra to get where you want to be.

As of writing, this Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users which just means they opened the app. In context, Facebook has 2 billion, Youtube 1.9 billion. But here is where saturation comes in, over 100 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day. 500 million use Instagram daily. But here is the kicker only 4.2 million get likes that only %0.84 percent of daily posts get interactions. That’s what I call saturation and the reason your Instagram account isn’t growing.

Where to from where? Your damned if you do, and your damned if you don’t. My take on this is it worth your time? The average user spends around 53 minutes a day on Instagram, are you getting a return on your time investment into that platform? Are you making an hours wage daily from Instagram? If not then I say leave, focusing your time on something else or time manage yourself on the platform better. So your not wasting time, but instead making, doing, creating and eventually turn that time into a profit instead of chasing avatar likes that don’t pay your rent.

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