Why do we always go back to our default?

What do I mean by this? default in the dictionary terms means to fail financially. But in terms of creativity, it means to me, your normal, your nature, your baseline, your go-to. And as creative’s, we strive to better ourselves, push the bounders to express or change the way we see and think all the time. So why do most of us, do the same thing over and over again. Why are we so consistent with our default way of creating?

Homosapien’s hate change, we hate using our brains, we want to conserve as much energy a possible, and learning something new or doing something new requires an eminence amount of brainpower and activity. This is why no one changes unless something dramatic happens to them. When action is forced onto us, is the only time we change ourselves or our surroundings.

There is a creature that lives in the sea that’s main goal is to not use its brain. It travels across the seafloor looking for an abundance of food, once it finds it. It set itself up, to live there forever. Why wouldn’t you, when you have everything you ever need all around you? Once the Squirts finds a place to retire it literally absorbers its own brain. Because it no longer needs it, the brain consumers a large amount of energy. And now that the Squirts has everything it ever needs, it no longer needs its brain.

We are similar but not as extreme, our brain is designed to keep up alive and to conserve energy. That’s why being motivated, learning something new or just doing exercise for us is so hard to start. It’s much easier to continue doing what we already now. After all its currently keeping us alive, why change it.

Knowing this, being self-aware, I still find myself going back to old habits and old methods. This is probably why having a New Years resolution is so hard to keep. It’s in our DNA to avoid change.

So the next time you find ourself giving up, or not achieving your goals. Don’t beat yourself up about it. If you can get back on the horse then do it. But if you can’t just know its not your fault, it’s your brain.

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