Where ever you go there you are

Where ever you go there you are. People dream of living in the countryside, a nice house or even a fancy high-rise apartment. People dream of having a better job or certain items in their life, and they think that these things will bring them peace, contentment, joy and happiness. And they will, for a time. But no matter where you are or where you want to be, you will always be who you are. That will not change.

So if no matter your circumstances, your situations or the area you live in. If you are sheltered and safe, then nothing else will bring you more longevity or enjoyment. Everything you think and feel isn’t real, it’s your reaction to your external circumstances. Now I want to mention that we live in a world that tells us that our own circumstances and situations are our own fault, if they are poor it’s because of the individual’s fault and not society. This is wrong. For many people, the world and their country make it harder for certain groups and postal codes to prosper.

If for some of use our situration is fixed or the cards we were dealt are terrable there is one thing that they can’t control or takeaway from you. And that is your mind, and your thoughts. And with all the propaganda and advertisments displayed to us, we are lead to belive that external things being us happiness. The truth they don’t want you to know is that happiness is a state of mind, it’s coltiviated through dopamine.

Dopamine or the pleasure chemical in our brain can be triggered through anything, from exercise, diet, sleep, a good book to even looking at a painting. What realises dopamine or gives you pleaser is up to the individual. Meaning you can control what makes you happy. I’d like to take you back, to where ever you go there you are. It’s up to you to choose if you want to be happy now, or put barriers, goals or excesses in the way. Because will a bit of work and a mindset shift, you can be happy right now, where ever you are.

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