What’s in my camera bag

Like all of us, I carry around a few things every day in my bag. Be it going to work, for a walk or trip. I wanted to share what I can’t leave home without, why I choose these particular items, for everyday use and the essentials I need when leaving the house.

There is something about having a neckless or watch that you wear every day, and that one day you forget it; you feel naked. Like something is off; not quite right. And these few items I can’t leave without, I would rather be late leaving the front door than going outside without them. It’s not that I need them to live or for my job, but rather for comfort. Like a morning coffee or newspaper. Here they are in no particular order.


I read whenever I get a spare moment alone in silence, and I choose the kindle as my main sure for books. Now there is something romantic and wonderful about a physical book that I can’t deny. And I used to always prefer a paperback book. But after two consecutive orders of two brand new books. They came to my doorstep delivered in a horrible condition from bent, torn to wet weather damage. It was here that I decided to invest in an e-reader. And sadly, the kindle won out, for ease of use and purchase, weather resistance to book collection size. I’m currently reading Good Thinkers by The School of Life and Neuromancer by William Gibson. I’m a sucker for cyberpunk novels and philosophy.

Bullet Journal

Now I’ve always had a notebook on me, and I tried transiting to completely digital and using notes, iA Writer and other apps for taking down my thoughts, ideas, tracking my tasks and to-do lists. But I would always misplace, lose or just struggle to find something I just wrote down or needed that day. So, I went back to good old paper and pen. I choose the Bullet Journal method because it’s simple, quick, minimal and easy to backtrack. Nothing sexy here just simple note-taking and task management.


Like everyone I always take my wallet with me wherever I go. I have had many over the years, and after wearing wallets out yearly, I decided to go full leather and get a Bellroy wallet. Sadly, you can’t get this wallet anymore, but it is very similar to the Note sleeve design. Inside I keep my driver’s license, Visa. Work teams’ card which is like a staff discount card as I work for a massive retail company. I always carry cash; you never know when you might need it. A supermarket club card for food discounts and a grey card for colour balancing. You never know when you or someone else might need to colour balance their photo or get perfect 50% grey for exposure. I use the WhiBal G7 grey card.

Apple Airpods

I listen to music whenever I can when I’m not reading. I have Auditory processing disorder (APD). I struggle to distinguish between different sounds, and when I’m in an environment with a lot of noise it all ends up sounding like loud white noise. So having earphones on hand is a godsend. Whenever I’m overwhelmed or just want to cancel out all the noise around me, I pop these babies in and listen to some music. Which in turn helps me focus and concentrate better.


We all need one and we all use one. I use my cellphone predominantly for directions, accessing my bank account, writing down a blog post if I’m inspired in the moment or my journal isn’t easily accessible. Playing my music. Use it for work, keeping in contact with my team and accessing emails and my work calendar. And like a good consumer, I use it for social media. Looking at my screen time tracing statistics right now the apps I use the most in order are. TikTok, Chrome, YouTube, Instagram, Banking, Notes and Music.


Got to get into my house and lock it up when I leave. I only ever take three keys with me, and the occasional car key. But my house key, bike chain key and my work key for the camera and lighting gear storage. Nothing fancy here just three keys on a simple key ring. I prefer not carrying too many keys around, taking up less space, and only having the keys I use daily. Come to think about it, we are moving studio, so I don’t need this camera storage access key anymore, sweet, now down to only two keys.

Ricoh GRIIIx

This is my go-to camera now. It’s super small and easy to put in your pocket. There is no excuse to not bring it along wherever you go. The only downside is the battery doesn’t last long, but I have three more batteries on their way after ordering them. Once I knew how long one lasts; about 200 photos only I ordered more batteries mediately. This camera is great thou, surely not as good as my Leica but only pixel pushers would notice the difference anyway. I know it’s not 50mm, but 40mm is a good trade-off for a cropped APS-C sensor.

Last but not least in this day in age a mask.

Here in New Zealand, you have to wear a mask when taking public transport and entering a chemist/drug store or supermarket/grocery store. So, to save the hassle of not being let in or making the people around me uncomfortable I take this with me everywhere, and it doesn’t take up any space at all. I’m waiting for the day I won’t need it but I’m definitely not holding my breath till then.

That is everything that I carry with me in my bag, and what I take with me whenever I leave the house. After looking at my own list, it’s not much that I need on a day-to-day basis, and I am curious; what is it that you can’t leave the house without? What is it that is in your day-to-day bag, when stepping out the front door to go to work, or even just for a walk around your neighborhood? Let me now in the comment section below.

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