What I learned when I didn’t win lotto


That leaving something up to faith isn’t enough. You are leaving it up to chance and you might be waiting for it for your whole life. Not winning lotto has taught me that you have to do what you want now. Waiting on a chance is too random, and too much of a risk to leave it up to fate. I believe fate only takes you so far, the rest of the way is up to you. I must put in the work, I need to try, do, make, take that first step if I want to succeed in my lifetime.

It’s pointless if you don’t put in the work. You have to try whatever action that gets you closer to your goal. Waiting on hopes and dreams is a waste of time if you want something and you’re willing to be realistic about it. People buy a lotto ticket to dream, to fantasise. We buy a ticket because of hope, a chance, because of a small possibility. Stop wasting your money on this small chance, the odds are against you when it comes to lotto. But if I start working towards my dreams now, in the future the odds are in my favour. Whatever you want, start doing it now. Stop waiting and hoping.


I wasted $20 on a lotto ticket this weekend. I wasted hard cash I earned. And yes it was only $20, but for some of us, that’s a lot of money. That could have got me a week’s worth of food for my lunch. That could have paid for a dinner for my family. I could have grown that $20 into a hundred bucks. But I didn’t, instead I wasted it on a dream, a thought, an idea that I had no control over.

Don’t wait for your life to begin on a dream, start doing it now and make it come true. It’s going to be hard, and trust me that’s a good thing. The truth is if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. That’s the great thing about hard work, is over time you progress at it, it never gets easy but you get better at it. Think of it like running, that first 5km is hard work. But if you keep at it, after a month you start to notice that you breeze by 5km, but now 6km is hard work. Then next month you breeze by 6 and 5km, now 7km is hard work. It never gets easy but you get better than where you previously were if you keep at it.

Don’t buy lotto tickets filled with dreams and what ifs. Save that money and build your empire, start putting in the work. And over time you’ll start to notice that your breezing by everyone else.