What are you selling?

We are all here, and like it or not we are all selling something. What are you selling? What are you doing or creating to sell, produce, service, obtain, give, get, share? We all provide something to this world be it for colleges or customers. It’s a very capitalist view of the world but its true. What are you selling?

As photographers, many of us sell products and services. My work revolves around selling products for a retail corporation. I make stuff look appealing to entice customers to buy it. On the other hand, I also produce fine art photographs and write on this blog, which isn’t selling something pricey. But in reality, I’m selling myself, my creative thoughts and you are paying with your time to consume it.

It’s even more interesting when you dive deeper into this notion of selling something. Sure your selling photograph or services, but to who? Who is your target audience, what is your market? Is that market abundant or scarce? Does your audience have money to spend or is it just getting by? Are you producing something trendy, cool, sustainable, authentic or real? These are just open-ended questions, but questions that one should ask themselves as creatives.

So what am I selling? In truth, I don’t know? I don’t know what target audience I appeal to? I have no idea who you are that’s reading this. Are you happy, content, creative, stuck in a rute, well off or just scraping by. Well, I don’t even know my audience gender or age group that well. That is probably why I’m not successful in terms of marketing or selling products to you. (Personal note, do a marketing course.)

Who is your audience who are you selling to? What is it that your selling? Services, feelings, ideas, aspiration, inspiration‚Ķ presets? It’s an interesting thought to consider oneself as a business. And a business needs to produce something or service. What are you making? What are you giving back to this world? Just something to think about ūüôā

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