Wellbeing and mental health

I see there is a fundamental flow with our current society and it is changing for the better. There are so many of us who focus on productivity and growth and work and building a business or career. But very few of us focus on our wellbeing or the wellbeing of others around us. I have been in so many meetings that aren’t volunteer about work structure, processes and responsibilities, goals, output etc. I have yet seen emotions or feelings or mental health be the focus. It’s always on the fringes or the outskirts, always volunteer or self-driven. This makes me sad, that we live in a business world about profit but not wellbeing.

This new corporate word ‘Sustainable’ has gained massive traction. It’s essentially how can the business give off the persona or idea that they are sustainable without losing profit or even changing. A company I know subtracts there carbon footprint through the measurement of its electric car fleet. They can say they are Carbon natural when in reality they still produce just as much carbon, only now it’s acceptable because they purposes some new cars.

We measure things and never change. We focus on stocks instead of contentment and meaning. At your workplace, you will get a free pizza and some drinks to boost morale and productivity. But never be given a counsellor or be asked in a safe environment if you are OK or if everything at home is OK until it isn’t.

It truly saddens me that homework is more important than play. That relaxing is seen as wasting time and not being productive. Why the fuck is this our current world? Why do I have to do more, have more, own more to feel validation or worth? That isn’t right. I’m not losing hope but I am questioning what we consider success, because if what we believe success is in terms of ‘wealth, power, money, fancy car, big home’ Everyone that is rich would be happy and everyone above the middle class would be content with their lives. But they aren’t because they have put their self-worth into external gratification. And advertisements and business work environments do the same.

We need to shift our value system away from external gratification toward inner wealth and mental health. Maybe then our society as a whole can change for the better. Rather than killing ourselves and the world over resources and progress.

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