Time doesn’t exist

Our world is run on a clock, be it the time we get up too and go to work, to the dates of events like our birthday or celebration, to the sessions of our crops and weather conditions. I would say these events are just that events and only we put a measurement on them that is dictated by where we are rotating around the sun, and spinning on this rock. Nothing more than our attempt at controlling something that doesn’t exist in the first place. There is only entropy, that shows time passing. No causation no passing of time. 

The way I make a living is by capturing light rays onto a sensor. Nothing more nothing less. I don’t capture time, but rather the number of light rays. The longer the shutter speed, the more movement or amount I record. The quicker the capture the shorter the movement I record. That’s it. Moments yes, history yes, moments in what we perceive as time yes. But time is only relevant because we experience the passing of entropy, or in other words causation.

Time doesn’t exist when it comes to quantum physics and String theory, or should I say is very hard to explain, and the words causation are more accurate. An action, curses a reaction or effect, like entropy. Let me explain it in simple terms, you have a whole egg, and you crack it open, and now you have a broken egg. Once the egg is broken it can no longer be put back together. Another example is burning a log, once it is burnt it can no longer be a log, it is turned into ash or charcoal. Entropy is the randomness that can’t go backwards. It can’t be changed ergo causation. 

And according to our universe and the physics we understand, time isn’t there, just causation. Time isn’t real we made it up, and time is relative, if you could survive in a black hole, you would see the end of the universe, billions of years would become seconds to you in that immense gravity. It’s hard to wrap our heads around the thought, that something we run our lives around is just a system to keep order, nothing more. Because of this idea, to me, I’m not in a hurry at all, and I prefer to take my time. It’s freeing and humbling that we are so insignificant when it comes to the universes and how long matter and gas have been bouncing around, back and forth. And then puff we came into existence. Makes you think… what’s the hurry for.

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  1. This is a non-problem that has repeated itself over and over again throughout history. It seems to be related entirely to authoritarianism. A rich man, such as a king, a shaman, or a bishop (imam) needed a system to maintain authority over the sheeple. So they built a tower that all of them could see or hear, and they installed a clock, or a bloke that kept them informed of their duty to gather and pay them homage, and bow before them. Basically they wanted to benefit from the labour of others. and sit back and enjoy their life freely while the peasants slaved away in the fields in order to give them that free food. So they came up with one bunch of mumbo jumbo or another. No matter how far back in history one goes, there is always an unseen hand trying to square the circle. As we know, the most powerful computers in the world have still not managed to find a better way to describe this than express this human sum as 22/7 aka Pi. However as soon as one tries to get a computer to describe the phenomenon electronically, by turning the processor on or off, the computer gets its knickers in a twist. As soon as one tries to regulate the spinning of the planet as it passes around the sun in order to maintain their lazy life, the problem rears its head. One of the best books on the subject was written by a bloke called Frank L Baum. It is called the “Wizard of Oz”

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