There is no God, life is meaningless, now what?

Have you ever experience existential dread? You know when you question if your life has any meaning, purpose or value? The answer it an Existentialist like myself is your life is insignificant. Knowing that you’re here because of share good luck, and a chain of events outside of your control is, to me at least true freedom. Let me explain.

Knowing that everything in the world is not real, governments, money, laws etc are all man-made. They are agreements, not reality. A dog doesn’t care about tax reform, the clouds don’t care about equality. And no amount of money will stop a hungry eagle from killing its prey.

Going a step further, that there is no God, higher being or creator. Means that you are just a chemical and biological reaction from evolution on a rock that has terraformed around a burning mass of gas in an endless universe.

OK once that settles in, now you know and understand that the only limits you have are physical and mental. And that you are free to do anything and everything you want. Everything else is just a social obligation like we said isn’t real. It’s just a social agreement that you will not perish from if you break it.

Now the scary bit since there is no meaning to life existence or anything. That means everything is pointless. Unless you give it meaning and purpose. You are in control of your own life, happiness and purpose. You can hate doing the dishes, or you can love it. It’s just a change in mindset that you control. Everything is about perspective now that nothing has meaning. What perspective or weight do you give something?

It’s up to you to care about social constructs, ambitions or material goods. We learn a lot from our surroundings and the way we were brought up. If your family cares about education chances are you do as well. If your family are racist, chances are you have the same world view. If your family drink and/or smoke there is a high percentage rate that you do or have as well. But you don’t have to, you can change, because everything is just a fabrication or habit learned from your surroundings.

If there is no God and life is meaningless and you are insignificance then take a step back and appreciate how lucky you are to even be alive. As Albert Camus said,

“The literal meaning of life is whatever you’re doing that prevents you from killing yourself.”

So now what? Well go live your life how you want to, have the values you want and agree with. Don’t care about others or do, it’s up to you. And never let social constructs limit your potential. Because you’re in control of your life and how you perceive your current situation.

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  1. When I read Camus, specifically The Myth of Sisyphus, this idea terrified me at first. Today, I think it is one of the best books I have read. Regarding the value we give to things on a social level, I would advise you to read Byung-Chul Han's complete work (if you haven't read it already ;)). Great post, great photo!

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