The road to success is filled with no


Not the most positive title for a post I know. But I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to sugar-coat everything. I’m not going to butter you up just to through you to the dogs. So why is the road to success fill with no. It’s filled with no because there are so many people that don’t like taking uncalculated risks. People don’t like betting on a horse that doesn’t have a track record… you and me. Why would they risk their own reputation on you, when there are already so many safer options they’ve used before.

So how do we go about preparing for the struggle? How do we prepare ourselves for a constant letter of rejection, that constant voice that says sorry, no. Or that email we all dread with the title saying “You will not be going onto the second stage.”. All you have to do is be consistent, never give up. I think of myself like water, easily moved around but perfect and true to itself. Water has no physical strength or power over something like a stone (your goal). But remember with persistence, water can slowly move around the stone and over time can create a valley. This is the power you have when you never give up. You can wear down your opponent, making your obstacles weaker so you can eventually break through the cracks.


Even a small grain of grass has the strength to push through ash felt.

I’m currently having this issue in my world. I keep writing photography blog posts and keep getting rejected from websites after websites because I don’t have a track record. But that’s it… all I need is that one person or website to give me a chance, take the gamble. And when that day comes I’ll slowly build up my track record, I’ll slowly become less and less of a risk. And this is what I’m doing, writing blog posts, writing post after post in hopes that someone will read this. Someone will get inspiration from my blunt words and take action.

Take the no’s with a grain of salt, and move on. We can’t give up on our dreams and goals because there our reason to get up in the morning. Our dreams can come true with a bit of hard work and persistence. Let’s never give up, no matter how long it takes. If I can one day live my life and make a career out of my fine art photography I will have succeeded, and there is nothing better than making a living doing what you love. For me thats worth a lifetime of hard work to accomplish.