The perfect camera

Leica M typ(240) and Kodak Tri-x

Cameras are like cars, vans & trucks. There are so many to choose from, be it performance, price, use, style the list goes on. No matter what model you get there will always be a new one next year. But vehicles all do the same basic thing, they take you from A to B, that’s the primary usage. The same can be said for cameras, there are so many to choose from that all look, and do something slightly different. But the main purpose for a camera is to take photographs. Remember that anything beyond this is just added features.

All cameras are subjective, everyone has their own opinion and reasons for which one they use. This can be said for pretty much everything, everyone has their own opinion on a subject. Be it the feel they get from using it. Bragging rights because of its the newest model to loyalty. Be careful where you get your advice from when it comes to the internet. Go into the stores and ask to try them out, bring your own memory card or film, and compare quality, feel, weight, whatever is important to you. Myself I go out and try before I buy. I’d rather trust myself instead of someone else is opinion. Everything is subjective so take what I have to say below with a grain of salt.


For me, the perfect camera is the Leica M camera system and a 50mm lens. I exclusively use the M system now, because of consistency. I only use one lens so no matter what I take photos of, there is an underlining look and feel to my photographs. The M system for me is small, heavy enough to give stability and built like a brick. This camera can take a beating. Another thing that I love about the Leica cameras, in general, is their cut back, simple, minimal in every way possible. No autofocus, so the lens can be more compact when using the M system. And I personally like using a rangefinder, I hate the flip of the mirror in a DSLR and their bulkiness. For me, the Leica M is perfect for what I need.

Sadly there isn’t one camera that fits all. Every camera has their own advantages and disadvantages, their yin and yen. Nothing is perfect but there might be a camera that is perfect for you. Go out and try them before you decide on specs alone. Leica M are slow, expensive, can’t take sequence shots, and video is a no go. But for me personally, it’s the slow and minimal feature that stand out to me. You don’t have an over cumbersome menu system and heaps of buttons on the camera body that you hardly ever use. All it has is manual focus, manual aperture, shutter and iso, that’s pretty much it. Everything I need and nothing else. Again, there isn’t a perfect camera that fits all. There might be one for you but might not suit someone else. Take your time in choosing, play around before you commit to one system.

This is one camera that does suit everyone, but for me personally, there is the one perfect camera, thats the one in my hand. Collect photos not cameras.