The perfect camera?

I finally found the perfect camera, This camera does everything you could ever need or dream of. From capturing the perfect frame and exposure to developing your skill and photographic eye.

I’m not talking about a video or multiple purpose camera that does it all. I’m talking about the perfect stills camera. A camera that helps you composite the frame, it knows the best time to press the shutter button for that perfect image quality. The amazing thing is, and don’t ask me how, but when I use it, it just knows the settings you need automatically. The depth of field, shutter speed, iso and it all syncs perfectly.

But the most amazing thing to hear is how affordable it is. Are you ready!… here it is… it’s the camera you already have. Anticlimactic I know but it’s true. The camera you already have is the best tool to capture a moment. Do you really think there is going to be a perfect camera? Do you believe that will ever be obtained? If the perfect camera was ever made, company’s would go out of business. So here is the truth, the perfect camera is the one you already have.

Be it, cell phone, DSLR, mirrorless, rangefinder, medium or large format. They all do their job and they all do it well. If you think you need that next whatever to become a better photographer, you will always be running down a never ending rabbit hole. I’m not here to stop you buying cameras, hell you are the reason the economy is running. But keep this in mind, camera operators care about gear, artist care about the work.


If you love photographers like Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, etc, do you really think they care about what gear is coming out next or is it possible they focus more on the story, the work, the craft? I would put my money on the latter. Sure they have their preferred tools, but that’s just it, a tool. Not a gateway to becoming a better photographer, just a tool.

If we didn’t have the luxury of choice, we would all be better off. We wouldn’t waste our money on gear that later we no longer use, or read reviews that are completely subjective aside from specs. It took me a few years to come to the realisation that gear is secondary. Who’s to say the next whatever is perfect for you. Maybe the best camera is an old Canon AE-1, Kodak brownie or Leica IIIc. They all do the same thing, and they all do it well. Capture a moment. If you still need that extra, dynamic range or pixel to become a better photographer I’m saddened. We need more artists in this world than technicians.

Perfect photographs do not move the heart, it’s in the imperfections that we see beauty. Using one camera is the starting point to developing your style, vision and artistic voice. Be satisfied with what you already have, because it’s not the camera that makes the photograph great, it’s you.