The only camera I need

They say the tool isn’t as important as the craftsman holding it, but it sure does make their life easy when its a good one. I’ve gone through my fair share of cameras and brands before I finally stumbled upon my camera of choice the Leica M, my Zen camera. Because holding it and using it becomes so peaceful and intuitive. I know every dial, button and movement. The camera really becomes an extension of your hand and eye. I can’t explain the feeling you get when using a Leica M, it’s addictive. Having a tool that makes my life easy and helps me work more effortlessly, is Zen to me.

My Zen camera

A Zen camera is the only camera you need. It brings you joy when you hold it, every turn and dial comes naturally to you. There is no need for thought, just pure action, no hesitation when using your Zen camera.

I found my Zen camera, the Leica M range. The soul of this camera never changes, it always stays true to itself. I use my Zen camera so much it has started to show its age. Showing the hand of its craftsman, revealing the stories it’s been through in the brassing of the body. I pride myself in the weathering of my Zen camera, my Leica M. Because it goes where ever I go, always by my side, never leaving me, so I can capture the moment when it presents itself.


The feeling of a Leica

The feeling I get from holding a Leica in my hand is like a Japanese minimal soul mixed with German engineering when it comes to the Leica M. It’s the perfect mix of form and function while cutting back to show it’s soul to the user. When you take a photo with the Leica M you know what you’re doing, you are a photographer. There are no fully auto functions to take the photo for you. It’s a true craftsmen tool of choice. This camera only has the bare essentials that a photographer needs, this is true Zen.

Seeing through the eye of a Leica

When you look at a Leica M you see this little rangefinder window. Free of limitations and obstructions, it’s the true eye of the Leica M. What I see and feel, my Leica captures. The rangefinder is just glass, a frame to the world, my window. They say the soul is in the eye of the beholder, and that eye is The Summilux 50mm 1.4 ASPH, it’s the only lens I use to capture the world. It’s interesting when you look through a viewfinder you don’t see what the lens sees, instead, the Leica M captures what you envisioned in your mind.


People say you don’t need the newest model or whatever, and everyone says it’s not the camera its the photographer. But having a Leica M in the hands of an experienced photographer does make the difference. The feeling you get when taking a photo, it’s like nothing else. Sure pixel pushers will say something different. But from my experience, holding a Leica M and comparing it to other brands well… Let me put it this way, I’ve only got room for that red dot in my camera bag.