The great debate

Film vs Digital. Full frame vs Cropped sensor & fixed vs zoom lenses. Which is best and which one should you use or get? I’m going to put this debate to rest with real-world states and in-field opinions from professional uses.

It’s all subjective, and there is no right answer here. That’s it, one isn’t better than the other. Like a person’s life, one is not better or worth more than the other, we are all equal. It’s up to the individual to add value to whatever you choose to use.

For me, ease of use and where I intend my images to be viewed matters in my decision. How a camera feels in my hand and how easy it is to use in manual mode matters to me. If I can’t change iso, aperture and shutter speed without entering a menu screen it’s a no go for me. And the second is where I intend my images to be viewed. In all honesty, I used to want my images to be printed massive. Some deep seeded sort of insecurity or egotistic thing being young. Now I see my images being no larger than 4×6 or 1080px wide for screens. I’m drawn to the small intermit photo sizes. So megapixels and sensor size don’t matter to me, apart from it’s effect depth of field.

I’m drawn to poetry in image form, and personal imperfections, which come from handheld small prints. Like a family photo album or those 1hour photo prints, gen-x and older millennials are familiar with. I’m curious, what do you love photographing with? And where do your images end up being displayed?


  1. my images of my life with my family, friends, and free time are displayed on our TVs as screensavers, printed as albums, on my website, and some make it to Instagram. I enjoy photographing with anything, but my favorite are my Fujifilm cameras.

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