The four agreements

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Never take anything personally
  3. Don’t make assumptions
  4. Always do your best

Ever thought about what makes you a good person? What makes you fare and judge. These four agreements do just that. Not in the eyes of others but to yourself. Only we can live our lives and live it true to ourselves. If someones say something is wrong, or not allowed, it’s not because it is true but because that goes against the rules they themselves asset upon themselves.

 So ask yourself that is it that makes you good?

I am not a perfect man. The fare from it. But I am true to myself and my being. I can only see the world through my eyes, and my experiences. But I resonated with this books agreements. I have just seen them in a slightly different way.

Agreement 1. Be impeccable with your word

I interpret this as not saying the truth but being true to yourself and how you express that. Be it communicating truthful or avoiding certain words because nothing will be gained from the truth. I’ll give you an example.

My father asked me what I thought about his fence once. In all honesty, I did like it. I hated the fence, it looked like a prison or that a gang lived there. But I like the function of the fence. It gives them privacy. So I asked the question, “Could you be more specific, about your question?” He answered do you like having a fence there. I respond yes. Telling the truth and avoiding aesthetic judgement and pain onto my father’s ego. Impeccable wording.

Agreement 2. Never take anything personally

I truly believe this agreement, as hard as it is to do in real life. Everything everyone does is on there own accord. Every act is done for selfish reasons. You can argue this for all eternity, but we as animals are inherently selfish. Knowing this, what someone says or does to you. Isn’t because of you personally, you are just a vessel, wall or window to their goal or desire.

If someone is mad and angry at you. It’s not because of you personally. It might be because they had an expectation of you that you didn’t meet or know about. They could be angry because they are tired, or past trauma. The reasons could be endless. But you as a person should not take it personally, just as the tree’s and grass don’t curse the sun for stopping the rain, or curse the clouds for blocking the sun. It just is.

Agreement 3. Don’t make assumptions

This should be a law. A life rule. Assumptions are made because we are doing two things. 1; trying to solve a problem or issue, without further investigation. 2; avoiding conflict or indulging in entertainment (gossip).

Want to know someone about someone, ask. Want to find the truth or solve an issue, investigate do the research yourself instead of relying on word and mouth which isn’t reliable. Let me put it this way, if it wouldn’t hold up in court, then don’t rely on it. Hearsay isn’t good evidence. Here is a wonderful Russian proverb Trust, but verify.

Agreement 4. Always do your best

That is all we can ask for. And you know when you have given your all. you know when you have applied yourself and done your very best. Because if you haven’t they only one you’re lying to is yourself. And well if you keep lying to yourself, your dreams will stay just that, dreams.

The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a wonderful book that everyone should read. It put us on the right path to be honorable and just. It’s about speaking the truth and putting our truths into action. Not using up energy on assumptions and avoiding ourselves. I’m sure the next time I read this book, I’ll learn something else about myself, who knows, maybe I’m a page away from enlightenment.

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