The dangers of aspiring to be a perfect person

Be it a healthy person regarding fitness, eating habits. Being it a time-efficient hustler, and productive person. Or be it minimalist, aspiring to consume less and aspire to have only long-lasting high-quality items. To the spiritual or person of faith that preaches their belief without request. There is something about these people that isn’t quite right. Something about somebody that labels themselves as (insert aspiration here), that rubs me the wrong way and that is they are generally speaking assholes.

Let me get to the meat of this argument. If you are or know someone that is always talking about healthy eating, I bet that they judge or would never eat at Mc Donalds lets say. They would list off all the bad things about eating there or talk about how they have never eaten there in (insert time frame here). As a result, make whoever chooses to eat at these kinds of establishments or that type of food, feel shitty. They have put themselves above them, they see themselves as better or as a superior people because they have adopted this belief. They are better because of something as trivial as a food selection. Nothing about moderation or lifestyle or food budget matters, only their perspective and belief. I can say without a doubt I have met and seen these kinds of people on the internet and in person and they are judgmental assholes. Even if they don’t know it or indented to be.

Aspiring to become a better person (whatever that means), makes them choose or segregate themselves from others. I do this, this is correct or right, they do that, which in my eye is wrong, or I would never do. That type of person is essentially a mini version of segregation. This automatically makes them put people into categories, morally speaking they become the embodiment of authoritarianism.

We could argue that everyone does it to an extent; categorising people into boxes to understand and simplify their surroundings and understanding of people. But someone that identifies with an ideology, and expresses that belief externally. Laying judgment. Someone that evaluates another person on their views, lifestyle and beliefs outside of their character isn’t in my eye a good trait to aspire to.

I can say that once in my past I definitely looked down on people that replied on consumerism for happiness and people that judged on one’s attire, or what sports they liked helped me avoid or engage with that individual. And it’s only through time, life experiences and reading that I now know that internal and external beliefs and displays of aesthetics don’t make a person any more or less likeable or relatable. It’s only through conversations that we can truly understand individuals and should avoid judgement. Because no one is perfect and someone that aspires to be, has skeletons in their closet they don’t want you or themselves to know about. And we must have empathy for that individual that struggles to accept others as they are.

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