Audiences are selfish

Do you really want to devote yourself and all your energy towards something or someone that just takes and takes and takes? That is not a healthy relationship. Be careful about a relationship we think you want.

We are led to believe that to be successful this day in age, you need to be comfortable in front of a camera, and that you need to have an opinion on everything. And that you need to build a community. And that you also need to be consistent, constantly making new content. But consistency leaves no space for evolution. There is so much pressure in the modern world of social media to press upload. Is this good for mental health?

Play to your strengths

Something just hit me when it comes to getting peoples attention in the modern age. That is, play to your strengths. I’m a photographer and I would like to think I’m good at my job and hobby. Now in this day and age, as a freelancer, being great at our job isn’t good enough. We have to promote our work, company, workshop or service. We need to somehow get the word out there. Digitally putting our hand up and saying “Hey look at me, over here.”

I don’t want to be another Instagram photographer

I don’t want to be another Instagram photographer because your images are only seen in the context of a social media feed. The images on Instagram are pathetic when compared to the printed equivalent. Even seeing a photo essay on a website or blog is better than Instagram. So why am I against the grain with this so called platform for photography?