Inst style is death

Recently I came to the realisation that my work doesn’t have a consistent style. My images are cohesive, recognisable but not consistent. I was looking at artists I admire and seeing there work and thinking that their photographic style isn’t consistent either. Many photographers body of work is generally all over the place from project to project. When comparing old master photographers to current photographers I liked, the newer photographers work was more consistent, recognisable and stylistic. But Everything I just thought was wrong, I was so wrong here’s why.

Is Instagram dying?

Is Instagram dying? Here is a quote a fellow photographer shared with me.

“Although I feel Instagram offers a really beautiful opportunity to connect with others, share art and reach people on a large scale on topics that deserve recognition and attention, I’m finding that it’s becoming harder and harder to feel excited, stimulated or inspired scrolling through my feed.”

I don’t want to be another Instagram photographer

I don’t want to be another Instagram photographer because your images are only seen in the context of a social media feed. The images on Instagram are pathetic when compared to the printed equivalent. Even seeing a photo essay on a website or blog is better than Instagram. So why am I against the grain with this so called platform for photography?