Time anxiety

Reflecting on New year’s resolutions in August I’ve been thinking about life, yearly goals and aspirations. The choose to focus on having fun over ambition and capitalism progress and guilt for not improving or self-improvement or having a side hustle. I ask you have you kept up your new year’s resolution?


Worry, anxiety, stress and concerns can become predominant in our lives, and can feel debilitating. With everything is accessible at our fingertips. The world is becoming more and more transparent, and things that never saw the light of day be it good or bad. And with all that knowledge comes fear and a natural sense of worry. How does one deal with worry, because someone telling you to chill out or charm down, is easy to say, but not very productive or achievable in the moment.

Living for the likes

Problems arise when you stop living and creating for yourself and start living a lifestyle and create content for your viewers or audience instead of yourself. This is where it stops being about life and a passion for creating and starts becoming a monetization burden if you stop. Creating for what gets the most likes or engagement, can snowball insecurity about your audience leaving you if you stop. This is false, and let me tell you why.