Start producing and stop consuming

Today I went out into the streets to create some images and I noticed everyone was going to stores or holding shopping bags, then something hit me. All this consumption is selfish and unproductive. We need to start producing and stop consuming. Create content that helps people and gives value beyond just material possessions.


Don’t get me wrong, we all need things, be it tools or products to create ourselves. That saying “You need money to create money.” comes to mind and it’s very true. But how many t-shirts do you need? How many cameras must you have before you finally get the image quality you’re satisfied with. Why not just use one lens or camera.

I propose that you start producing and stop consuming. Make, create, share. Give more than you receive, share your knowledge and experiences. Try and only consume things that give value to your life like, knowledge, education, language, experiences. When you really think about photography it’s a tool that communicates and shares visually with the world and the people in it.


Make a start at producing and stop consuming. After reading this please put your cell phone away, close your laptop and pick up your camera. Start taking photos, start taking notes. Push the shutter button even if you think there is nothing to capture.

I heard this great strategy in regards to making content. “If you want to write, just write one word. Only one, then after some time you’ll naturally want to finish a sentence, then a paragraph, then before you know it you have written a page and so on and so forth.” The same can be applied to photography. Pick up the camera and just take one photo that day. Soon it will snowball into two or three photos before you know it you’ve finished a whole roll of film.

Start making, stop this endless consuming. Because let’s face it the internet will never stop sharing new content. Be someone that shares it instead of consumes it. Teach others what you’ve learned, and help others excel in photography just as you have.


Make, create and share your thoughts and feelings. Share what you have already learned so someone else can benefit from your experience. Start a blog, start a photography group, make collaborative assignments. Attend or organise social gatherings.

Sure you might get hate and negative feedback. But from the people you reach, you might change the life of one person for the better. As a result, you have made the world a better place. Remember everyone is entitled to their opinion. What they feel isn’t just because of you, it’s caused by their own experiences and beliefs. And they are entitled to express that, just as you have expressed yourself. So try and not take negative feedback personally.

Make photos, make images that share something about you, be it a story or feeling. Express yourself, and open yourself up. This type of sharing can help people and make it safe for others by paving a road, knowing there are other people out there creating and feeling the same things you do. Become a leader for others to follow, through your own actions and creativity.


It’s OK to consume, we need things to survive and create. But buying something merely to stop boredom is insanity in my mind. Only get the things you need, don’t be a collector. Start making with the camera you already have. Take one photo today and share it with someone. Because photos are a form of communication, share what you have to say with the world. it might reach someone that needs it.