Sitting on your work

In today’s social media world, you might feel the need to post and upload your most current work or photos. It can be a habit, need, recognition or self-gratification. Who doesn’t want likes on their photos, it makes you feel good, right? knowing people like your work feels good. But this can be a double-edged sword. On one side you are uploading content that keeps you relevant and in the eyes and mind of your audience. On the other side your work could be subpar to what you are truly capable of. If only you gave yourself the time to develop and edit your work.

I once heard someone say that a great photographer has a full trash can. Having a trash can filled with mediocre work might continue for years. Who knows, you might need to go through a large volume of work removing and editing images that at the time you might think are amazing, but later on find out they were just OK. Try and be subjective, throw those average photos into your trash can, remember you can only know what is good by editing your work.

Now I have to be clear, I don’t mean, leaving your work and cameras to collect dust and not producing new photos. Keep making photos, make as much as you possibly can. But try not to show or upload it instantly. By all means once you have a project done and you have editing it by cutting it down to 12 or 6 images and reviewed it over days, weeks or even better months, and your happy with it, please show it to the world. This is what good editing is, its the simple task of sitting on your work.

Remember to start new projects, keep producing work, and hopefully the next project you show, you might review it for longer or trash more images. Keep editing and reviewing, keep coming back and looking at it. By sitting on your work you will start to get better, you will start to notice an advancement in your skills.

If you really can’t help it and need to upload something, try baby steps. Start with one day, then a week, if you can wait another week before posting content, try for three weeks, then a month and so on. I bet over time if you look and review your old work, you will see images or photos that could of been left out, removed or even thrown into the trash.

If your someone that puts up walls, saying “but I’ll be so may years older my then!”. Remember you’ll be so many years older anyway, regardless if you do it or not. So don’t waste your time uploading mediocre photos. Because it will be the photos you put up into the public domain that you will be remembered for. So sit and edit your work, give yourself the time, be patient, the process of improvement takes time. Give that time to yourself.