Schooling and education

We often confuse the difference between, schooling and education and one is not necessarily the same as the other. I went to school, I went to university. I have a bachelors degree and an honors degree. What I studied was graphic design, I don’t use my degree at all. I’m a studio photographer and writer. All I got out of university what very expensive schooling.

Now We need to really think and change our mindset about education. There are so many alternatives to getting educated, be it a book, video, seminar, couch, learning on the job, to formal classes. Getting an education through the education system is an old way of thinking that gets inflated by the past.

We live in a digital age, we live in an abundance of information. You can learn from professional directly thanks to the internet. Opportunities are all around us, getting an expensive piece of paper that says bachelor or in, doesn’t guaranty a job or even an education any more. It’s fools believe for meany career these days.

education –
noun: education;

  1. the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.
    “a course of education”
    a. the theory and practice of teaching.
    b. a body of knowledge acquired while being educated.
    c. information about or training in a particular subject.

school –
noun: school;

  1. an institution for educating children.
  2. any institution at which instruction is given in a particular discipline.

One of these requires an institution, the other does not. One has order and rules, the other does not. So I ask you how do you learn best, by watching, doing, listening or through theory. Knowing how you learn is key to choosing which method to get an education through. But I stress this immensely, the traditional route is very expensive and it doesn’t always pay back in dividends.

Personally, I learn best through doing. Reading about something doesn’t give me the skills, there helps only so much. I could read all the books in the world about how to swim, but no words on a page would be able to prepare me for what it’s like to get in the water. No book will help me learn muscle memory. The theory is nice, but it’s just that theory, not action.

Know the difference, and try not to get confused with fancy buildings and traditions. Because there is a difference between education and schooling. I hope you will know what’s best for you.

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