Rekindle your creativity

Do you constantly get into creative ruts. When this happens do you find it hard to get inspired? I simply just can’t think of anything creative when this happens to me. What are some things that can get you out of this situation?

Most people say go to the library, or look at artist you like, watch a movie or whatever. I personally find this the wrong approach because you are trying to find other forms of stimulation. This isn’t what we want, we don’t want to distract ourselves with something else that isn’t important, rekindling your creativity is a priority here, not television reruns. A good start is to unplug, unplug yourself from modern day life. What I mean is turn off all your devices and go outside.

Turn off whatever devices are on and around you. Go for a walk, don’t bring headphones, if you have your phone, turn it off. Take a notebook and a pen, that’s all you need for this exercise. And go for a walk, make sure you have the time to get lost in your thoughts, no timetable that requires you to go back home. Do this on a day you have off. Get outside.

The trick with this exercise is that you are giving yourself time to think and ponder. Removing your minds thoughts of the past and possible future problems. Note that this can sadly take all day. But I find it’s the most effective in regards to productivity, mental health and a bonus when coming up with ideas. When you do the same thing every day, same routine, the same type of job your ideas can become stagnant. Predictable. Try and look at the world from a different angle. Unplugging is something very few people in the modern world do these days. Sit in a park, go for a walk or even a run in the morning. Whatever it is, make sure you’re doing nothing to stimulate your mind. Once boredom starts to set in, you are getting into the right mindset.


The great thing about boredom is when you have no devices around you for entertainment is that you have to find mental stimulation inside your mind, you have to think, look and wonder. The best way to be creative and productive is to get so bored that the only form of entertainment is doing your work.

Where do you think I am right now? What do you think is surrounding me at the moment when I’m writing this down? I’m outside, sitting down in a park, surrounded by trees and birds. I can see and hear the motorway off in the distance. I’m not listening to anything and no one is around me, I’m bored. And you know what, it’s working! I’m writing, creating, thinking outside of normal conventional logic. Give it a try, because there is nothing else to do.

Forcing boredom or different surroundings with no forms of stimulation helps you go into your mind and pull out whatever’s in there. Haveing a notebook and pen at hand can help, so your random ideas aren’t forgotten. It’s interesting how we get ideas in the shower or when we’re driving. This is because we are doing a mundane activity, so mundane that our body’s go into autopilot, this is when our brain can subconsciously order, rearrange and think. Making connections and coming forth with ideas. Turning off your devices and going outside to a boring or quite location is another way of doing the same thing.

Give it a go, what have you got to loss, you are already stuck, so why not try something new. Go outside and get bored. It’s amazing how productive it can be.