Queen Elizabeth II’s and the cameras she used

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-serving monarch. She died at age 96, after reigning for over 70 years. To honor, her life as photographers let’s look back on what cameras she used over the years. As she was an ardent photographer. Cameras ranging from super 8mm film cameras, large format to classic 35mm. Throughout the years she was an advert film photographer, always shooting on film. She would have a massive archive of images from her point of view that me personally would find fascinating. Because she was always in the limelight and looked upon. But lets get into the models and formats Queen Elizabeth the second used.

Kodak Reliant Cine

The oldest camera I could find her using was a camera from the Kodak Reliant Cine family. These cameras had a metal case to store 8mm video film. The lens was normally 13mm with an aperture of around f/2.7. I can’t quit pin point the exact model, but still a fun little portable camera.

Rolleiflex 2.8F

This beautiful camera was a medium format camera with a 75mm Zeiss lens at f/2.8. This camera had a pop-up waist-level viewfinder and was known for its glass. The Rolleiflex camera family is no longer around, but was well known for the glass it used and was well used but the general public. 

Leica M3

We all know the Leica M system, here Queen Elizabeth II used the M3 with its beautiful Light meter attached to the hot shoe mount. The lens she is using here is the Leica Summicron 50mm f/2 with a near-focusing range without the finder attachment that helped with close focusing. The light meter she is using is the Leica Meter MC model this light meter you would set your apa or film iso, and the adjust the dials to get a perfect exposure then set the camera to those settings before taking the shot.

Rollei 35 S

She had taste, here is the gold lizard leather Rollei 35 camera. This amazing camera goes for around $2k now. A wonderful limited edition camera. The Rollie 35 used a 40mm lens at 2.8. and could shoot up to 1/500 a second, and could stop down to f/16. I want one.

Leica M6

This classic camera I feel everyone knows about. This Leica M6 was specially engraved for her. I can’t figure out what lens she is using in this picture, but I suspect it to be the Summilux 35mm f/1.4 ASPH from 1994 or the Summicron 50mm f/2 from 1979. This model as you can see is the silver chrome edition. I love this camera and have the black edition myself.

Canon Sure Shot Tele 80

This is quite a strange one, as all the previous cameras are just so amazing in quality and well-known models. But here we have the Canon Sure Shot Tele 80-35mm Camera. A simple plastic point-and-shoot 35mm film camera. Autofocus, built-in flash and a focal zoom of 38mm to 80mm. The lens quality is not so great, giving off that disposable creamy feel. The aperture goes from 3.7 to 7.3 depending on the zoom. This shows that Queen Elizabeth II was also a humble photographer and used cameras that were attainable as well.

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