As creatives, we all go in and out of phases. Be it trying something new, putting a twist on previous work to outright stopping our practice to follow other endeavours. We buy new gear in hopes it will change something, be it adopt a new way to look at things. Whatever you’re going through or been through we all have Phases.

So why does this matter when it comes to our creative practice? I believe that we all from time to time need to go on tangents to find new things and adopt them into our current practice. Be it trying film photography, a new genre, to doing something completely different to your practice, like skydiving or going to a yoga class. Or even learning a new language or taking up another practice like painting or dance. These detours and phases are paramount to our development as creatives. They give us a new view, force us to change our habits and way of thinking.

Over the past months, I’ve stopped blogging and taking as many photos, to try different things, like free diving, running to and from work and even making typefaces in my spear time. I’ve chosen to no longer driving a car, which has affected my ability to go to remote locations around New Zealand. I’ve started focusing on fitness. I’ve started playing video games again which has taken a lot of my time up. I’ve also moved house etc. You know life has gotten in the way of my photography. Sure I’ve been less productive in my practice but all these tangents and phases of trying new things are all good, and not a waste of time. They have given me more to think about, they have shifted my focus and as a result, added to my practice. Kinda a double negative but hey that makes a positive, right?

Studio set

Because of this life getting in the way break from photography I have come up with new ideas and strengthened old ones that I wish to pursue and capture. Recharging my batteries if you like that kinda digital photography metaphor. If you love something you have to let it go from time to time. Otherwise, you will smother it and your passion.

I encourage you to put the camera down from time to time and try something new. You might find a new passion that you can bring photography into. You might learn a new skill or way of thinking that improves your practice or even strengthens your love for photography. So go out into the work and live your life, try new things and live, because there is more to life than photography and photography gear. It’s a wonderful world and you need to experience it away from your viewfinder.

You’re either capturing the moment or living in the moment.