Open letter about Eric Kim

Without a doubt, Eric Kim is a photographer that pushes people’s buttons. Some people find inspiration from him, others find a reason to roll their eyes. But one thing that is interesting is he came from nothing, and now he is living his dream, a dream to teach others about photography.

You might not like his work, or even care for him. But there is a group of people that admire and aspire to do what he did. Coming from a broken family and a low income, pay check to pay check upbringing, I admire what he has done. Most of us live in first world countries and had a good upbringing. We got an education, shelter, food, running water and the freedom of choice and freedom to speak out minds without imprisonment. And I ask you this, are you where you want to be in life? With all these privileges that very few people have in the world are you taking advantage of your situation? Are you happy?

Eric has definitely got a massive ego. I’m sure if he read every negative comment he would feel like crap. Sure he has changed from the workshop, interviewer, free tutorial and guidance mentor into a preacher, mainly around himself and his income and products. But I can’t blame him. If you were him I bet you would too.

Let me give you a little bit of context, he grew up with no money and in a broken family, with a father that wasn’t driven. A mother that only wanted what was best for her kids. And because of this, I feel Eric wanted to be everything his father wasn’t. And one of the main drivers for him I believe was money. Now I feel that he cares about that number significantly $200,000 a year or whatever. Because that $200,000 represents in his eyes that he is 200,000 times better than his father ever was.


Sure he’s gone off the rails a little. He doesn’t seem to be humble or has a group of friends that can ground him. And that’s what he probably needs, a group of people to keep his ego in check and bring him back to the Eric we all used to love (well some of us). He originally starting with book reviews, gear reviews, tutorial and tips on street photography. Then he went into philosophy which I feel after learning all the technical things about photography we all need to do this. Look into ourselves and find what makes us tick. What do we care about and where should we point the camera to tell stories that mean something to us?

Eric Kim, your ego has put you above the clouds, come back down to earth and ground yourself, and be a part of the people again. We miss the old Eric. But who can blame you for where you are now because you’re living the dream, your dream. It’s up to you if you want to wake up from it and be a part of the community again. Otherwise, do you, because not everyone has the drive and determination that you do.

With respect
A.B Watson