One camera one voice

I only use one camera body and one lens, because I only have one voice and one point of view. Most photographers use a variety of equipment and effects to best capture a subject. To say something unique and different for each moment. Wanting to tell a story in a unique way from everyone else. But is this necessary, isn’t your point of view enough?

I’m not unique, I’m not special. But my voice is mine and mine alone. As I grow and change so does how I perceive the world around me. I hope through time I will contradict myself. Contradicting myself from past statements, means I’m growing, changing my point of view. Because of this, I see no point in using large amounts of gear to help change what I see. My view of the world around me is enough. It’s not the gear that perceives the world, its the photographer. The gear is just a tool to capture the artists perspective.

I see the world differently from you. You could pick up my camera up and never see the world how I see it. If this is true then it proves the gear doesn’t matter, what matters is the creator the person behind the lens. It’s the person who’s telling the story. Something as cheap as paper and a pencil can tell a story better than a million dollar camera with a photographer with nothing to say.

So how does one find their voice? For you to find your own voice I suggest finding out and learning who you are. I suffer from minimalism, the need to get rid of items in my life. I suffer from a constant need to have less. Less stuff and fewer worries. I say very little but when I speak I know what I’m saying and I like to get to the point. Monotoned, ironically similar to how I see the world in monochrome.

You might find you’re a maximalist, you might see the world is many colours shapes and sized and require a large verity of gear to show how you are feeling that day. And that is OK, just own it, and never compromise or change for anyone. If it’s one camera or one camera per narrative. One format to mix media, whatever you choose make sure it’s true to you, and not for someone else’s satisfaction.

Everyone is talented in one thing or another. But having something to say, and a way to say it so people will listen. That’s the key. The reason we’re here is to say something, make it so people want to hear what you have to say. Choose your voice, choose your story and tell it.

One camera, one lens, one voice.

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