No one knows what they are doing

When you realise no one knows what they are doing, and no one has it figured out. And the majority are just regurgitating what they have seen or been taught. Life is real but our reality is entirely fiction.

Why is it that if you say something enough time for a substantial period of time you become an expert on the subject? Someone is an expert; know they just did one thing many times. They might not be the best or great but just the fact that they have done that one thing for an extended period of time makes them an expert.

It’s kind of funny but the people that do the best in this world are the ones that can manipulate for their own gain. Think employment, you get paid for your services, but the owner makes more profit from you than what they are paying you. Who do you think gets paid more, the bean picker from coffee fields or the CEO of a company that sells coffee?

I used to look up to people who are so-called above me, be it job title or time on their craft. But now I’m enlightened and I don’t anymore. Sure, just because someone gets paid more than me doesn’t mean I need to look up to them or take their advice. All it means is that they have been doing it longer, not necessarily better, just longer. Does that make them better than me? No, it just means they have been at the table longer and had a better hand.

There are truths to this world, water is needed to sustain life. But H2o is made up language, it doesn’t mean it’s pointless, just that it’s used to describe water to a different set of people or systems. The natural world is transparent and harsh, but truthful. Everything else is just a social experiment or ideology passed down.

The question I ask you is once you know this, how are you going to play this made-up game to your advantage? Because for the majority of us this game deals out shitty hands, and only a select few reps the benefits from their parents. For the rest of us, we can figure out how to play or just lay our cards out flat and choose not to play at all, and hope the dealer changes the game. But until then you are stuck with the cards you’ve got, and you are stuck playing this game. The question is what are you going to do about it?

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