Little habits can change your life

You want to get good at something my advice is to start small and slog away at it every day even when you don’t feel like it. Make sure that starting isn’t hard, make it as easy as possible. Little effort with the shortest lifespan is how I get good at anything.

Photography, the slog is picking up the camera and taking it where ever I go. Writing, simple every time I open up the computer I also open up a notepad or writing app. Working out, simple have weights next to my clothes, and only do a few reps and the weights aren’t that heavy. The trick with all is to do it every day thou. Consistency, I’m a morning person I do all my good habits in the morning. A few weights, a few words a simple act of picking up the camera. It’s the little habits that make us who we are. A small kind act, asking someone we love how they are. Drinking water in the morning. Going to be at 10 pm. Walking up the stairs instead of the elevator. Smiling at strangers. Reading a book in the evening. Opening a door for someone. Picking that rubbish you see on the floor. Cleaning the dishes while cooking. It’s the small things that make us who we are. It’s what we normally do on an average day that becomes our life.

I was always fascinated when people admired award-winning or recognised people, be it an athlete, a writer, painter, chess player, baker whatever it is. They always think they are amazing and their lives are fascinated. Where in realist their lives are super boring and consistent. They get up and do their craft or train and go to bed. They devote their love to a single task, and that is what makes them great. It’s the mundane habits, that’s who we become. If you spend time scrolling on social media then that is what you are. If you are someone that creates on social media then that is who you are. If you someone that leaves the dished in the sink then that is your who you are. If you are someone that does the dishes as they go, then that is who you are.

There is no right or wrong, there is no good or bad. These are just habits you need to be aware of. And that you need to accept that your habits make you the person you are. If you don’t like what you have become, then change your habits. And it can start with the smallest thing, like writing a few words in the morning, or changing that evening routine you have.

It’s crazy to me how many of us, just see our lives go by, without being present. We say things like that year went fast. the was quick, how did I get here. Why am I like this, who have I become? And deep down the only person, you can truly blame is yourself if you’re not happy with the outcome. One little tiny habit can truly change your life. What habit do you want to cultivate, and grow?

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