Is your camera obsolete

Pick up your camera, hold it, look at it, and ask yourself is my camera obsolete. Does it no longer achieve what I require from it? Chances are you can think of a few things your camera needs. But if you’re being honest with yourself you’re just comparing your current camera with another. We all compare, we all want something someone else has. We want abundance, more, the newest shiny whatever. But when you think about purpose, function, getting the job done. Do you really need that new camera or camera model upgrade?

When I choose a camera it has to have 5 features, that I can control.

  1. Shutter speed.
  2. Aperture.
  3. ISO.
  4. Manual focus.
  5. Filter thread.

That’s all I need to create my photographs. Everything else is an added feature I don’t require or deem necessary. Now I could make my images using almost any camera with these top 5 features. Which begs the question why do I use a Leica then?

I would consider my camera is an old model Leica, the Leica M Typ 240. It’s nothing special now compared to (insert camera brand here). Most cameras nowadays are fare more superior in specs and quality. But more features are clutter to me. Having too many buttons and features gives me anxiety. I used to use a DSLR, but the heaviness and experience from using it weren’t giving me joy. Give me a Leica M8 or Leica M4-P and the joy from using it is the same. Specs don’t come into it because all these cameras have the same 5 features.

So the next time your thinking about upgrading your camera gear, ask yourself is the camera I’m currently using obsolete? What are the main features I need to create with it? Because chances are your current camera already has those features. You might surprise and save a lot of money doing this process. Because things don’t bring you joy and happiness long term. Happiness is a fleeting emotion. Instead aim for contentment, because what you already have was once perfect for your needs. Remember to stay humble, content and grateful for what you already have.

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