Is that for me or you?

Be careful of wearing your symbols and ideology. Ideal worship of the ego and representing it through the cloth to show who you are and what you are is a form of insecurity. It might be a false deity or use, we are not the cloth we wear. So I ask you why are you wearing or showcasing your beliefs or group, why do you feel you need to distinguish yourself from others?

I’m not talking about discrimination or stopping someone from wearing something that relates to their beliefs. Like a wedding ring, green stone, a cross, prey beads or a hijab. I’m talking about a full getup that tells people you love a car brand, that you are a new-age hippy, a minimalist or that you are a serious businesswoman that only wears pants. I’m talking about displaying your identity so no one will confuse your beliefs or morals. Cloth that helps people stereotype you from just what you are wearing.

it’s not that this is wrong or anything like that. I’m merely asking why you feel that you need to do it? Is it because you want to identify with other people like you. As if you are a billboard saying hey look at me, I’m like you, we will get along? Or hey, look at me, if you can’t relate don’t associate with me. There is nothing wrong with this if this is your reasoning for your external display on clothing.

I feel I need to make this clear. I have nothing against this, I respect and believe everyone should be able to wear whatever they want. I believe that you should not be discriminated against for a garment or jewellery that is related to your religion or belief. And that you have the right to wear that item where ever and whenever and however you want. Freedom of religion is very important to me, even thou I, myself aren’t religious.

I am merely asking why you feel you need to wear that get up if it is not related to a religious belief. I see so many hippies, or people wearing greenstone wrong in my country for example. Wearing something that they put clearly on display instead of keeping it close and secrete to themselves. I feel is some form of insecurity that I just don’t understand. Or I could just be ignorant and need help understanding to better myself.

In my country of New Zealand, I see so many pakeha (non Maori) displaying Pounamu (Greenstone) Where it is tradition to wear your Pounamu against your skin as often as possible. It naturally absorbs oils from your skin that will help polish it and will start holding your wairua (spirit). But many people display it instead on the outside of their clothing, to almost say hey look I accept your culture and ways of life, in the form of cultural appropriation. Again it’s not my place to correct you or say what you are doing is wrong. But be myself it rubs me the wrong way.

So I ask you again why are you wearing that, in that way? Why do you feel that you need to put it on display? Is it for me or for you?

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