Is speed and frequency important for creativity?

We live in a now world, a same-day delivery economy, live news, live updates, instant satisfaction. Our world economy is thriving because of it, but our environment is suffering, are our creativity and originality also getting damaged along with it?

We all know the story about the ceramic class where a teacher split the class into two groups one group was told to make a single perfect bowl, the other group was asked to make as many as possible in the class. The end results in the group that made as many bowls as possible, their bowels were better than the group that martially focused on only producing one. The same goes for learning anything the more you do it and don’t stress the details the better you get at it. Think of it like focusing on the fundamentals only. Remixing and taking from the past and implementing it into current work is another method of improving one’s self. Copying and constantly producing does help to improve the quality of one’s work but is it necessary for creativity?

On one side working no stop leads the way to major improvements and better ways of working. Quality improves but originality requires extermination, failure, trial and error. So my question is what is the link between creativity, quality, originality & frequency? Consistency?

Consistency is good, but consistency doesn’t lead to innovation, consistency is doing the same thing over and over again till you reach perfection in that action. Consistency leads to quality and relates to the frequency in some ways. leaving out creativity & originality.

Originality is doing something different, something remixed in such a way that it becomes innovative. Solving a problem by doing something different is innovation. What is the problem you are trying to solve? Only through experimentation and failure can a problem be tacked in new innovative ways.

So we have hit a wall. On one side we have Frequency that leads to consistency, quality. On the other side, we have creativity, exploration and innovation and they meet in the middle which is embracing failure. Failure is the bridge between creativity & quality. Without failure, we wouldn’t have anything innovative. People will remember and remind you of your one failure more than they will praise you about your ten successes. We hold onto failure as pain as an embarrassment as fear. But as soon as we embrace failure as a step in the right direction as a lesson it becomes empowering.

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