I’m not shooting enough

I’m not shooting enough photographs. We have all heard the film argument about how it slows you down and you take fewer photos. I get that, but there is a difference between shooting less and shooting a lot and shooting a lot of the same exact scene. Instead of machinegun photographing a subject, take a photograph and recompose to tell a story. What I’m getting at is I’m not taking enough photographs, I’m not producing enough content.

I recently stumbled across Joe Greer, the man is a beast and he shoots and shoots. Now say what you will, but the man is constantly working and putting out content, be it personal, client or commercial. Never the less the man keeps going and going like an energizer bunny. Oh and plus he shoots film & digital, so no excuses. He is my work ethic muse.

There will always be someone out there that is working harder than you, there will always be someone better, more talented, etc. That doesn’t mean you should try harder, work more and persist to do better yourself. Joe Greer is my inspiration not because of his photographs but his work ethic, he makes me want to work harder, shot more, produce more, better content.

I almost wish that all the photographers I admire told their story in how they got to where they are. Was it a personal connections, work ethic, skill, style, personality or plain old hard work. Whatever is it I want to learn, I don’t want to replicate but rather shine a light on my process and understand a different perspective. I want to know how these people get up in the morning and work, work and keep working? Because I feel like I’m slacking off when it comes to some of the people out there.

So who inspires you, what artists or people out there make you want to better yourself and your craft. Who is the energizer bunny that you want to catch up to?


  1. I get what you are saying, although I wouldn't describe it as producing "content." In my opinion, "content" implies something, anything, just to have something to toss out there regardless of quality or value. I prefer to separate the work from the results. Get out there and do the work of photography and don't be concerned with the numbers game. I go out to photograph regularly and maybe I come back with one good image, maybe a hundred (doubtful). It doesn't matter. I don't in any way feel that I've failed if produce just one or even no images. I only fail if I didn't show up with my camera. It doesn't matter if I clicked my shutter once or a thousand times. The best results of doing the work can't be forced.
    • I really appreciate your feed back and totally agree. I need to do the work and accept the process, good or bad, productive or not.

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