I’m looking, but all I see is ego

I’ve been contemplating Instagram, social media, feeding the beast, wondering when it will show its appreciation. When will it be my time in the spot-light? Dilutions of grandeur. If your taking photographs, if your creating for anyone other than yourself you will hit a wall of ‘why?’.

We all start creating for ourselves. We explore, experiment, discover, we do it for the love. But after a while, I realised I was doing it for the ego instead of the soul. I was chasing the likes, the followers. In the end, I felt like if I kept going down this habit hole I would become my own cliche.

How does one stop, how does one resist the satisfaction of the ego? Resist the material desires, the desires of the flesh, the praise and empty worship, worship that dies as soon as you leave the mantle. It’s a hard one to acknowledge, but the answer is right under our noses. The answer is the reason we started this endeavour in the first place.

Do it for yourself, for love, the discovery, the passion. Forget the audience, forget satisfying clients, forget posting what you know will be liked. Show the world what you like, what you find interesting. Capture, tell, share and explore your, truth over ego.

How does one handle fam and then find their way back? The way back is to ground yourself, to fall, to lose, to upset. The Majority is boring, the majority don’t know what they need, only what they already previously like. Show them something new, show them the true you, and fuck your ego and their likes.

I’m looking, but all I see is ego. All I see is worthless likes and skin-deep aesthetics that will fade with time. Creativity, now what lasts a legacy. Creativity, originality requires copying & then remixing it into your own, a remix that hasn’t been seen before. Turn your back on the ego, because it’s a dark void of cliche repetition, turn away.


  1. I totally agree. The consequences of sharing have a dark side. I'm a late bloomer to social media mostly because I'm not very social, but I can feel it's presence and pressure. Odd thing it is. Like you say, I try to focus on what *I* want to create. I appreciate your philosophical articles. Thank you!
  2. Another wonderful article! I really enjoy your views and takes on things. Can't wait to read the next post! BTW, great new site!!
  3. Yep - this is why I stepped away from the photography social media scene. I'm not on Instagram anymore and I don't post my photos to any other platform. I've been told that's crazy, because how else do you get discovered? My work is on my website and you have to go there to see it. A major inconvenience in today's mindset, where people expect to scroll endlessly in one place. The few who make it to my site are there because they deliberately choose to be. I'll take that.
    • That is a truly honourable commitment to make. I myself do not have the courage to stick to only my website. But the more and more I get older I can resonate with the thought. No outer influences lets you hyper focus on your work without other peoples work or platforms dictating your process. I bow to you sir.

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