How you spend your days is how you spend your life

This is something I constantly think about. And wonder if the way that I live my life is enough? Is it OK to write my thoughts here, take some photos, work and pay my bills? Nothing more nothing less. Is that ok to have an underwhelming, mediocre life?

Comparing to other peoples lives

I see people living amazing, lives doing interesting things. Or are they interesting because they are not normal for me? But to that person, they are their own day-to-day mediocre life. It seems amazing because it’s foreign to me. Is my life desirable? Interesting, foreign or unattainable in someone else’s eyes?

Money can’t buy happiness

This thought that our lives go back to a baseline. If money could buy happiness outside of our social needs. Then shouldn’t all rich well of people be happy all the time, and avoid depression and suicide? But we all know that this isn’t the case. Someone living on a tropical island or in a luxury high-rise all worry. About basic desires, love, company, meaning and purpose. These aspects of life cannot be avoided.
In saying this do our lives need to be desirable? Does one person’s or stranger’s perception of me matter? Does my own perception of my life matter? In the vastness of the universe, it doesn’t but to myself, it’s the world and how I view everything around me. It does matter how we view ourselves. What we choose to do day to day does matter. It has a massive impact on our lives and well-being. comparison is the death of joy, happiness and contentment. Looking at others is a sure way to depression. And this online social media world is doing just that.

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others

It’s hard not to compare yourself to your family, friends and neighbors. In this online world, we are forgetting something. We are comparing ourselves to strangers. People with completely different circumstances, resources and social society classes. It’s healthy to keep yourself in check. Realising that someone else’s life isn’t yours or even shouldn’t be compared to. Shore be happy for them, but detach yourself if you can. Focus on being humble with what you already have or what is in reach in your current area code.
I’m not saying don’t be ambituses or strive for a better life. Whatever your opinion of a better life is. What I am saying is don’t compare yourself to the king. Don’t compare yourself full stop. Focus on yourself and what you need, and have. And spend your days taking small steps to reach your goal and desire. Be it business, health, happiness, or whatever your aspirations are. Take inspiration from others, not desires. Don’t desire wealth, strive for a comfy lifestyle. Don’t desire an attractive partner strive for healthy relationships.

How I wish to spend my life

Currently, I want a balanced lifestyle, and the ability to have a life void of stress and anxiety. The easiest way for me to obtain this is having fewer things going on in my life. The more I own or have responsibilities that aren’t vital the less happy and at peace I am. I don’t need the stress and financial burden of running, operating and insuring a car. When I already have a bicycle. I don’t need to upgrade my work camera gear. My current gear is still working and I’m not losing work because I’m using a camera that came out in 2016. If I can pay my rent, eat and have time left over to write and read then my life is for filling. That is how I wish to spend my days, and that might be boring, dull and undesirable for most people. Even unattainable for most. But for me, I’m content with what I already have. And I’m not about to ruin my joy by comparing myself to someone else I have never met over the internet.

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