How I live with enlightenment

It’s funny how we all live with aspirations and dreams. Dreams of becoming someone or owning something important. With these thoughts in mind, I dare you to go down the path of enlightenment and see what those thoughts become. Are they real, will they still be important? Or will they change?

Let me try and explain ‘Enlightenment’ into something simple. Nothing is real, your thoughts and experiences, nothing exists without you. If nothing is real, then what does that make you? You are conscious energy. Energy can not be destroyed, it can only transfer. Knowing this, enlightenment is the acceptance of being present, in the now. Because everything else is just a fabrication. The past is gone, the future is speculation. The only thing that is real that you can affect is the now. That is enlightenment, living in the state we call the present.

How do I live in this world? I take every day as it comes, I don’t look too far into the future. Your day to day habits, routines and rhythms are your life. What you do today, becomes your life story. Live every day, singular. I try to live as simple as possible, removing as much stress, obligations and responsibility as possible. Sounds strange, selfish even careless. And you would be right. But my carelessness isn’t hurting anyone. In fact, I lift people up and have become a kinda steady foundation to lean on and be confined in. Because I am stillness, contentment.

Aspirations, dreams, ownership are all fabrications they are not real. It’s all made up. If you really think about it, dreams aren’t reality and aspirations are just future desires. And the idea of ownership is just a human construct. On one truly owns land or water, they are independent, and this earth will be here long after we are all gone. So what do you truly own, then? Everything is just borrowed, you have to give it back eventually. Even this thing you call a body, you have to give it back one day to the earth that nourished it for you.

To answer the question do our aspirations and dream change when we reach enlightenment? Do our beliefs and ideas of reality change? Yes yes, they do, and for the better. When you reach this state, some of the people around you will find you strange, or aspirational. Some people will begin to challenge your way of thinking or lifestyle. These people that challenge you, their emotions might turn into frustrations or hate towards you, because you are going against what they believe. Some people might even adopt your way of being or ask you for direction. It has taken me 20+ years to reach this state of mind. And you know what, I might not have an ideal life, or help move the economy forward. But I am alive and present in every waking moment. And I am happy.