God complex

A god complex is a way to describe someone who might as well believe they are a god when it comes to a subject or profession they are engrossed in. Thinking they are superior to everyone else when it comes to their profession or subject they know about.

I want you to go and start whatever your planning now. Learn from trial and error. Learn from your mistakes and build on them, improve them. Treat your idea like evolution, slowly evolve it and improve the mistakes and flaws that present themselves. Evolve your process by figuring out what works and build on those strengths. Remove what doesn’t work and learn why it didn’t pan out. Start being more like Darwin instead of trying to be a god.


Make mistakes in a good direction by learning from them. Just remember it’s very hard to make great mistakes in other people’s eyes. Learn from them, grow and evolve your idea, not by planning but through trial and error. What is so wrong with failure anyway, why do we have this stigma around it? All failure is, is trying something and not getting the results you wanted. This is what we consider failure, I call it experimentation, a trial or progress. Not a dead end but rather an outcome to advance your next step.

We all have to start somewhere. So why not start failing now instead of using a god complex to plan every outcome to avoid possible failures that aren’t guaranteed. We all have to start somewhere, why not start now.