Gear isn’t finite

I’m going to show you what gear I use. And I also want you to know that gear isn’t finite, it changes over time. And that all this gear that you see in front of you, sure it helps in capturing a picture but isn’t the end all be all. Gear, settings, controls, composition, are all concerns of the hobbyist and amateur. They are good to know and important but they aren’t what makes a picture great. The story, the meaning, the purpose is what makes an image.

And if you can’t get that through your head, you don’t understand or if your instant reaction is “Easy for you to say you have a Leica!” Then you will always have that mindset, and no gear in the entire world will ever be good enough for you to start. Because gear is finite, it’s evolving and getting better every day. And if your not happy with what you currently have then you’ll never be happy with what you get in the future, because there will always be something better.

Sorry, this is a short post but I get getting hate because of the gear I have. Like I’m rich or well off, where in reality I eat rice for lunch for 7 years to afford one Leica secondhand.


  1. Sorry you got hurt mate. I love your blog, and these posts really help me a lot in thinking about photography and taming my GAS tentatives. One small piece of advice, with all do respect and friendship: please re-read your posts at least once before posting.
  2. I agree with this post completely, Had an old Nikon D40 and wanted to upgrade. Ended up buying a used Fuji X-T1. Loved it, but after awhile, I just felt I needed more. Long story short, I literally ended up buying every Fuji Camera available over time. from X-t2,X-e3,X-e2,X-t20,x100s,x100f etc! What did I end up doing, selling every one of them and going back to an X-t1!! Some of my favorite pictures were taken with it. Camera didn't make the difference for me, still love my X-t1, it just fits me! To each there own, Love your blog! thanks!!
    • Thanks for the constructive criticism Brian & Gabriel. I did write that a little hot headed, and realised I had a major spelling mistake regarding the "all this gear that you see in front of you, sure it helps in capturing a picture but isn’t the end all be all." Really appreciate your feedback.
  3. Love your blog. Breath of fresh air. And I can relate. Have a half a room full of gear and lighting equipment but nothing gives me more joy, pure and simple, than my film Leica and my 50 lux. It's not even about the cost of the Leica. Other kinds of cameras keep making you want to buy more, almost as if they just wet your apetite whereas I can just pick up my leica and know that I never need to buy any more photography gear. Not meaning to advertise Leica, but I guess it's like when someone finds the one thing necessary, or true love or something. I don't know. (Anyway, that doesn't look like a 50 lux on your M. What is that, some kind of elmarit?)
  4. Hey, The Petapixel crowd are for the most part complete morons, jealous loners and artistically inept. All they can do is attempt to poke holes in folk that actually enquire, produce and reflect. They are no one. Carry on doing what you are doing and leave them to their small worlds and video games. Simon.

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