Future of media

It has come to my attention that our current social media and life on the internet is changing. We as people are getting more and more unfiltered content directly to us. We are also getting more raw and real reactions and responses. We as people have got to a point where we can openly express ourselves, open the flood gates as someone might say of emotion and vulnerability. So what does this mean, where are we going?

There is no denying that technology is moving fast and each generation is adapting it more and more. Generation x and Millennials grew up with photography and we consumed it and created with it. But now with video becoming more and more acceptable and easy to use, Gen Z & Gen Alpha are adopting it more than photography. I hate to say it but the popularity of still imagery is going away and video is taking its place.

Photos are still needed and used, but the future will be predominantly video because video can capture so much more than a photo. Movement, length in time, reactions that play out, sound. We see this in the popularity of Youtube, Netflix and Tiktok. Not many people are flipping through a picture book or album anymore. Even magazines, newspapers are dying. So they have moved onto the web, and now the images used to capture a story, are being replaced with videos from the people that are experiencing the stories first hand, direct and fast and raw.

I think about my wedding as an example. We hired a photographer and a videographer. And I am so very happy that we got a videographer because they captured the entire day, moments in time that would have been lost if we only got a photographer. It’s amazing how powerful audio is, and watching a moment in time is longer than just 1/250 of a second. It’s powerful, it gives the view and opportunity to live that moment as well. Sure it’s not perfect but is the best we have right now until the metaverse becomes a reality.

The adaption of raw amateur video is more relatable. Because it’s not perfect, it’s unpolished. Something the masses can say, that could have been me, or I have that recording device in my pocket. Video is growing, and stills are going the way of the news press. Being romantic is all well and good, but being romantic about a medium will leave you behind. Because the market is showing us where we are going. And where we are going is direct, raw and relatable content that best connects with us. Sadly that medium we connect with the best in this current time is a video of an average everyday person talking to the camera, talking to you directly. So what are you going to do because times are changing?

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