Forming habits

Let say you want to photograph, edit and upload a photo to Instagram every day of the week? That’s 365 photos, that’s a lot of work. How about 5 days a week. That’s more achievable and gives you the weekend to take images and edit them for the whole week, rather than a daily commitment spanning the year. How about three images a week. That’s doable, you could do that. How about one image a week, now that’s easy. That’s where you start, with easy.

To start a behaviour or goal, start with easy. Start at the lowest commitment and scale up from there. That way you trick yourself into starting, and you don’t get discouraged. Committing to a photo every day for a year is a lot of work, where one image a week, that’s super easy.

A.B Watson photography

Another habit you might want to form could be a behavioural change, which is quite achievable. Instead of doing the big I’m going to change everything in my life moment. Consider something a little smaller. Sure you want to make a difference in your life and that’s great, but consider this. A little drop of water can crumble a mountain. First, it starts off as a drop of water, then that water forms a cracked in the rock. Over time a stream of water appears, to later transforming into a waterfall. That waterfall over years builds a river below it, which forms ponds. Then before you know it that little drop of water made its way through the mountain to form a valley. That can be you, and all it takes is a little task now, like the drop of water. You can build on your easy task, forming a path towards the big change you want in your life.

Just remember life gets in the way, so take a long-term view. Whatever it might be, starting a new career, getting into shape, or advancing your photography. It’s not sexy to say it but think long term, think in the next year or two, or decade. Water can break through rock, it just takes time. Set yourself with the expectation that you will achieve your goal, start slowly, form the habit. Build on that formed habit, and grow from there. Before you know it you’ve formed your own pathway towards what you consider meaningful in your life.

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