First things first


OK so before I can start doing street (social) photography I need a camera. I normally use DSLR’s professionally, but a massive camera like this would just gets to heavy carrying around town all day. My weapon of choose is Leica M8, using a 35mm prime lens.


To be consistent I’ve chosen to shoot only in Black and White. I used to shoot with an M6 film camera but don’t have the time and money to develop the film, juggle work, social life along with personal work. So I have made the decision to use a digital Leica, and just tape the display so I can’t chimp.

  1. Leica M8 (35mm Lens)
  2. Notebook & pen
  3. iPhone
  4. Two  batteries
  5. Two memory cards
  6. Wallet

The next step is to choose some limitations
ISO: 400
Shutter: 1/30
Aperture: Any

Lets see if this work this weekend.