Do what you can’t do without

Passion is a word that gets thought around all the time in creative fields. Doing what interests you, inspires you or having a hobby is another term. I’ve been told that turning your passion into a career is the quickest way to kill it. The truth is if its a true passion you can’t do without it, you can’t go a single day without thinking about it. I’m not talking about sex, food or money I’m talking about something so visceral you have to do it regardless of modern life’s priorities.

Only a few people that I’ve met have this drive, this grit, this passion to create. A drive that puts them into a state where time stops. The few that are always doing, creating, regardless if anyone is watching. This is true passion, a mental drive to push themselves 100% into their craft. It’s not a desire for fame or fortune but for the act of doing the work. Embracing the pain, the struggle, the adversity, the challenge that no one else is willing to bear.

For myself, writing and photography come to mind. I write regardless if someone is going to read this and be moved or inspired. I take photographs and print them knowing I’m the only person that will place eyes upon them. I get my inspiration through meditation, reading and occasional Youtube (I’m not going to lie). I get my drive from mental inertia. Relaxation obtained by doing literally nothing but walking. It’s a form of meditation (others call it boring). Which I do at the start of every single day, so now its time to create.

A passion is described in the dictionary as a strong or extreme attachment, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. Passion is something that pulls you towards it. Its something you can’t stop thinking about. A passion is something that overwhelms your desires and thoughts much like love does but without the physical rewards of affection. All you get from it is more drive, more wonder. It’s a never-ending journey to better one’s self, in a line of work outside one’s self.

If you don’t have that something you can’t breathe without doing every day, that’s OK. All that means is that you just haven’t found it yet, and your curiosity will lead you to your passion. Whatever interests you, follow that. It’s OK if it plateaus, all that means is that wasn’t your life long passion. Instead of dwelling on it, move onto the next thing. Keep going, keep exploring, keep experiencing things. Not everyone has this curse of relentless focus. Instead of beating yourself up about it if you don’t have that something, consider yourself lucky. Enjoy your time at peace, because a passion never leaves you alone. It’s something you can’t do without. It’s a blessing and a curse that never leaves us creative unless you hit a wall or get writer’s block, but that’s another post. In the meantime keep following your curitosirty, because life is to short to not experience it for yourself.

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