Desire of time

Where does the sea begin and the sand end? – there is no start or ending, there is just sand and water. For me this is the same for time in a photo.

Time is what makes photography special. Most people like photos because they can capture a moment in time and preserve it. It’s one of the many archiving tools we have. It’s what the masses like about photography.

Why not just film your whole life from beginning to end if you want to archive? wouldn’t that be the ultimate record, everyone filming their entire lives? Well, the downfall with this concept is no one would be able to watch it from beginning to end without sacrificing or not participating in their own life.

Another element to rise, photos are desired archiving tool because it doesn’t take up much of your own time in your life to view it, to observe it. Do you know that saying, thats and hour I will never get back. people normally say it when they watch a movie that they didn’t like. How many people say that about a single image? a single movie yes, but a single image?

Here is the amazing desire about photography as an archive and sharing in media. When does time end in a photo? I would argue that it never ends, its always constant. Time is constant, in one forward direction that you can never go back to, just like never ending sand and water.