Creativity is it pure?

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It’s hard just pumping out content all the time, making art and expressing yourself to no end. But for some reason, we feel completed to do it. For strangers to see, look at, feel, appreciate and share. We all have good intentions to tell our story to show the world how we see it. But deep down, we all know the truth, our intentions are selfish and narcissistic. Let me explain.

Everything we do as humans is for the betterment of ourselves. Be it the individual or the group. The main driving factor for everything we do is to advance the species. Blunt I know, but its the truth, even if you don’t want to hear or believe it. Any counter-argument is denial. So in a way, these thoughts are dogma.

Knowing this, I ask you why do you truly expressing yourself. What is your why, what is your true reason for what you do? Myself, originally it was to get recognition and praise. I didn’t know this at the time, until only now that I’m self-reflecting. Then my motivations changed, and my reasoning was to talk to and attract the opposite sex. Now my motivations are to keep a roof over my head, and soon to provide for my family. But those previous reasons for me doing what I do, still linger. No matter how hard I try to ignore or deny them.

What does that make me? Am I a bad person? Am I a piece of shit? Does anyone else do this, or am I the only one?

Creativity is a crazy thing. It’s pure, truthful, raw and venerable. Showing the world how you feel and see is a scary thing. But at the same time, underlying motivation beyond expression is there. We all do things for selfish reasons. It’s in our nature. The question I ask you is, can you be truthful and transparent to yourself?

Is it OK to have motivations beyond just expression? Am I allowed to want to get money in exchange for my art? Am I shallow if I want people to like me for my actions? Who knows, the only person that can judge me is you. And only I can choose to care what others think of me.

Creativity, is it truly pure?

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  1. You are not alone when you think about this topic, the complexity of true intentions. How we deceive ourselves by our nature of copying what we do and not analyzing why we do things. I think it is possible to be honest and transparent with myself, but it is not easy at all. I also believe that creativity is nothing more than the sum of instincts based on experiences that fit together like an ordered puzzle in the expression of how you see something. I'm happy to see new posts again.

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