Composition assignment


I’ve found that going out and shooting and building your confidence is a great first step. Now I’ve hit a point were personally I need to do more than just framing and shooting photos. I get the feeling sometimes through this method of working that I’m still not a photographer, just a camera operator. My steps so far has been to learn my camera and the content I want to shoot. But the medium I wish to cover keeps changing and I haven’t settled on one genre yet. Maybe I just need to cover different stories or photo essays and my style will flow naturally.

My next step and I think we all need to do this more, is practice. Going out and just shooting content is great, don’t get me wrong. But I think we need to focus more on composition. So the next step is to focus on different compositional areas.

  1. Line
  2. Shape
  3. Simplification
  4. Negative Space
  5. Rule of Odds
  6. Rule of Thirds
  7. Rule of Space
  8. SubFraming
  9. Rhythm

Now that I have my homework assignments. I will start practicing, and only move on once I’ve learned enough or developed my understanding of each compositional rule. By doing this it will reinforce my understanding and knowledge of composition, and it will become second nature to me when it comes to framing a subject.

The first homework assignment will be Lines. So I’ll see if I can do this alongside my personal photo essay assignment that I’m also covering. Hopefully I’ll have some content to show you? I am a little reluctant to put any photo content up, even thou this is a photo blog/diary/project. You know that whole sitting on your content thing, but we’ll see.