Compassion is accepting, accepting that someone is not ready, because they are dealing with something, and they are not willing to learn or hear. Wisdom can only be transferred when the student is ready to listen. Compassion is seeing the potential and being willing to wait for them.

The dictionary definition for Compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate that suffering. I feel that compassion is a bit more than that. A willing to wait, to see through someone else eyes. And to accept where someone is in life be it mentally or emotionally.

It’s very hard for some of us to feel empathy for someone or something we can’t relate to. However, if we can take a step back, everything on this earth desires to live, to feel love and compassion. I feel that we forget this, that everyone wants what is best for them, their families and their friends. If only we have the capacity to accept everyone for who they are without judgment, then we all might have a little more compassion in this world.

I have no idea how one might teach compassion, not everyone is ready to accept, believe or want it. We are all on different journeys, on different timelines in our lives. It’s a big ask for everyone to reach the same moment of understanding. And I would say if we all were at that point, the world we live in wouldn’t be very interesting without some adversity. This brings me back to acceptance and to accept the way things are. All we can do is keep in harmony with our own path and journey in this life. If some of us never have compassion for our fellow beings, then maybe in the next life they will reach it.

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