Cameras vs Chopsticks

Debating over cameras is like debating over chopsticks and forks. They all do the same basic things, the rest is just measuring minor extremities. A $5,000 car and a $50,000 car both can get you from point A to point B. One just costs more while it massages your ego. I feel that most photographers are missing what is more important than how big their lens is. What is more important is the idea, the meaning, the story behind your work? What are your images about, what are the conveying to the viewer? What are you trying to communicate?

I used to think that I needed the newest, no the best camera that everyone else was using or wanted. I wanted the best so bad that I once sold my motorbike and purchase the Canon 5D mark3 the day it came out. I thought if I had this camera, clients would take me seriously. I would get more work or somehow my photography would jump up in quality. I realised much later that my clients didn’t even care what I was using. All the cared about was what was in the photograph and how their product looked.

Sure you can argue that you need the newest whatever, I can’t stop you. If that sounds like you, nothing can convince you otherwise. If anyone pulling you away from what you think you need, you’ll just dig your hooves in the mud like the ass you are.

I think the more creative or wiser you are the more you realise that gear doesn’t matter as much, rather the idea does, putting in the work does. Execution matters more than pondering over specs. Developing your eye, rather than your camera collection is far more valuable in the long run.

Do you really think that the grandmasters, the greats of photography have a better camera than you do now? Do you really think that money can by talent? Do you really think likes make you more intelligent or your concept stand the test of time? No! Studying, practising, doing, trying, failing, learning, experimenting, doing the work gets you results. Get you closer to something meaningful, something… you. It’s not what you have, but what you do with it.

So ask yourself is arguing over which is better, chopsticks or forks more important than what’s actually in the meal in front of you. Think about it. Eating shit with silver wear doesn’t make the shit any better.

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